CSIM for Java Professional

CSIM for Java Professional


Used by thousands of customers worldwide, CSIM is a proven software toolkit for programmers who need to simulate the performance of process-oriented, event-based systems. The CSIM toolkit has helped C and C++ programmers build fast, efficient discrete-event simulation models for more than 30 years. Now, with Java as the programming language of choice for many educators and researchers, Mesquite Software is pleased to offer CSIM for Java, a full-featured simulation toolkit for Java programmers.

CSIM for Java uses Java threads to implement CSIM-style processes, so creating processes in a model is straightforward and easy to learn. Written entirely in Java, a CSIM for Java model runs anywhere a Java program can run. And, the model can be written using standard IDEs such as Eclipse and NetBeans.

CSIM for Java provides several key benefits over other simulation solutions:

  • Flexible standard programming environment - very short learning curve for programmers, with no proprietary environment to learn
  • Stable, proven software - leverage CSIM's thirty years of development to enjoy a much faster and less expensive solution than building one's own simulator "from scratch"
  • Industrial strength, no inherent limitations - ideal for large applications (300,000 events plus!)
  • Platform independent - runs on any Java-supported platform
  • Integrates easily with existing code
  • Excellent value - $1195 per seat or less
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