CSIM20 for Linux Student

CSIM20 for Linux Student


CSIM20.2 for Linux Student Edition is supported on 32-bit versions of gcc. The student edition is not available in 64-bits. For 64-bit support please consider the professional edition. The student edition has some limitations on the size of models; please see below for details. This packages includes both C and C++ versions.

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The Student Version for CSIM 20 has the following limitations. If you require additional functionality, please consider the Professional and Educational licenses. All the below limits apply to the maximum number of concurrently instantiated objects, NOT to the total number that can be created over the life of the model.

Maximum # of processes         1000

Maximum # of facilities              100

Maximum # of process classes     5

Maximum # of events                100

Maximum # of mail boxes           50

Maximum # of messages        1000(simultaneously active, not total)

Maximum # of servers              200

Maximum # of storages            100